A McDonald's in Canada gave away $4,000 (€2,835) in dollar coins - but made people work for their loot by freezing the money in a block of ice.

Suspended in ice in the form of the golden arches, 4,000 loonies - Canadian-speak for the dollar coin - were given away as a promotional stunt in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, last week.

A YouTube video shows man, woman, child - and even dog - chipping (or licking away) at the frozen ice block with stones to get at the money. It took five hours for the public to dismantle the ice sculpture and walk home with a few extra bucks.

The campaign was to promote the Dollar Drink Days this summer.

"This is what passes for a big night in Canada," wrote AdWeek, in a snarky comment.

Watch as passersby attack the block of ice with stones and bare hands: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6ITLA36uXM.