Because they've run out of things to throw into vats of oil for human consumption, yet another state fair in the US has upped the ante and deep-fried a whole stick of butter.

At the Iowa State Fair - the birthplace of life-sized butter sculptures like cows, space heroes and celebrities - a food vendor decided to pay homage to the fat by impaling a stick of butter, coating it in a cinnamon and honey batter, and plunging it into a hot bubbling cauldron of oil for three minutes.

In a local TV report, the deep-fried butter stick is shown emerging from the fat fryer looking deceptively like an overcooked corndog, drizzled with a thick, sugary glaze.

But when 10-year-old taste tester Jaedun Fyfe takes a bite, melted butter squirts from the other end, dripping messily down his arm. And chin. And hands.

"It tastes like a cinnamon roll, kind of," he tells KCCI Des Moines.

Meanwhile, a Texas man, Abel Gonzales Jr., claims he came up with the idea to fry fat in fat, which he debuted at the State Fair of Texas in 2009.

His version, however, is decidedly less bold, with small dollops of butter wrapped in an envelope of sweet dough.

Recently, deep-fried Kool-Aid balls also made headlines when they debuted at the San Diego County Fair this summer.

Watch daring, calorie-unconscious fair-goers bite into butter-soaked dough as it drips down their shirts and shorts in a greasy mess: