Canadian Club (CC) has revived their Hide a Case campaign to find eight adventurous North Americans to hunt down nine remaining cases of aged whisky around the world.

The original campaign took place between 1967-1991 where 25 cases of CC whisky were hidden all over the world, with the assistance of clues listed in magazine ads, only 16 cases have been found to date.

If you think you are up to the challenge, all you need to do is sign-in online at, the catch is you have to be 21 years old and reside in Canada or the United States, except California.

Then you just need to be one of the lucky eight to make it successfully through a round of "brain power and speed" and clue-solving tasks before July 9 when round two begins that includes pleading your case in a video.

The thirty best videos selected by a panel of judges will be posted for online voting. Should your video be deemed worthy - you can then to be part of on of the teams made up of four Americans and four Canadians.

From April 7-14, 2011 the Canadian team will battle the American in an "adventure of a lifetime, exploring exotic locations, trekking through uninhabited and unusual lands, racing the clock to solve the clues and find the elusive case". If you make it to this final round you win $12,500 (€10,159) and the final winner of the hunt gets $100,000 (€81,273).

If adventure, whisky and money isn't your thing, you may want to vote for Mountain Dew's new flavor, it's much more tamer, visit for more information.