William Ledeuil is awarded the 'Le Fooding' prize of honor for 2009

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Winner of the 2009 Le Fooding Prize of honor is William Ledeuil, head Chef at Paris's Ze Kitchen Galerie restaurant, who has described his style of cooking as a game.

Taking into account a given ingredient's natural flavor, color and architecture,  Ledeuil believes a cook should "let imagination and sensitivity run free while respecting the classic base of a recipe." Not so far removed from the Le Fooding movement's own philosophy of mixing food with feeling.

Ledeuil (zekitchengalerie.fr) was awarded the title Monday night at the closing of Improper Food, a week-long Le Fooding event held in Paris.

Other winning restaurants in France include:

Fooding Prize 2009 for best female chef : Yam'Tcha, Adeline Grattard, Paris
Fooding Prize 2009 for best male chef : Frenchie, Grégory Marchand, Paris
Fooding Prize 2009 for best interior decor : Derrière, Mourad and Akim Mazouz, Paris
Fooding Prize 2009 for best affordable luxury: Chez Pham, Christine Pham, Toulouse
Fooding Prize 2009 for best wine bar : Vigne en Foule, Julien Bourdaries et Laurent Cazottes, Gaillac (southwest France)
The ‘Love' Fooding Prize 2009: Caffe Dei Cioppi, Francesca et Federico Mancioppi, Paris
Fooding Prize 2009  for best wine-cellar/restaurant : Le Gibolin, Luc Desrousseaux, Arles
Fooding Prize 2009 for best "objet vaillant non identifié" (best unclassifiable restaurant) : Le 7ème Continent, Laurent Haller, Rixheim (Alsace)
Fooding Prize for 2009 best bistro : Bistrot d'Edouard, Edouard Giribone, Marseille