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Coldridge Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 1990, South East Australia ( pounds 3.85, Waitrose). With prices under strain, it makes a pleasant change to see a pounds 3.99 wine going down instead of up. Ignore the rather naff packaging - this is a deliciously juicy example of sun-ripened, irrigated Australian cabernet sauvignon, full of succulent blackcurrant- jam fruitiness with an undertone of mint.

Cosme Palacio Y Hermanos Rioja 1989 ( pounds 4.69, Oddbins). The acceptable face of modern Spanish red wine. The aromas have the smoked-oak hallmark of good rioja, while the fruit behind is finely balanced between naturally ripe sweetness, a touch of vanilla spiciness and buoyant freshness.

Alsace Gewurztraminer 1991 ( pounds 5.99, Thresher Wine Shops, Wine Rack, Bottoms Up). Alsace co- operatives are in the forefront of quality production of the gewurztraminer grape. Turckheim is one of the best co-ops, and this wine has the classic rose-petal fragrance in almost overpowering dimensions, with a spicy richness of texture on the palate nicely balanced by a streak of acidity.

Saintsbury Carneros Pinot Noir 1990 ( pounds 10.99, Tesco; pounds 11.49, Thresher Wine Shops, Wine Rack, Bottoms Up). A vibrant, burgundian-style pinot noir whose powerful aromas of cinnamon and toasted oak complement mouth-watering rich strawberry and raspberry flavours.