Terry Kirby shares three great value Clarets you can pick up in your local high street

Claret, so revered among wines, does not always have to be quite so expensive as well anymore. So, check out these high street bargains and challenge your friends to guess how much you have paid….

Sunday lunch:

Chateau Ferrande, Graves 2012

Even though this is relatively low down the Bordeaux pecking order as an Appellation Controlee wine, it still exudes class: a medium bodied, accessibly juicy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, aged in oak for 12 months. Rich, fruity flavours of plums and chocolate with some tar and leather in the mix. Roast beef or lamb, natch, followed by some Stilton or aged Cheddar. 

£15.00 Tesco

Midweek meals:

Grand Plessis Medoc 2014 Grande Reserve

This is simply ‘Grand Vin Du Bordeaux’ - which applies to all wine made in the region. The traditional blackberry flavoured Cab-Sauv/Merlot combination gets a little Carmenere and Petit Verdot into the mix here, which leavens the overall mouth feel, adds an enlivening touch of spice and makes for an appealing and accessible mouthful. Terrific with a midweek steak or an autumn casserole.

£10.00 Marks and Spencers

Bargain Basement:

Les Ormes Du Bosquet Lussac-Saint-Emilion 2013

While it is a bit much for Lidl to suggest this wine tastes every bit as good as the best Saint Emilion can offer [wines which can be, of course, among the finest and priciest of Clarets] this Merlot based bottle is certainly no disgrace and represents terrific value as an everyday table wine, great for pizza or pasta with meaty sauces. What’s not to like?

£6.49 Lidl