Big red wines of South America might be seen as typifying New World winemaking, but there is a lot of Old World tradition and subtlety behind these three bottles

From Uruguay

Pisano Cisplatino Tannat 2015

Made by the Pisano’s, winemakers of Italian origin using tannat, one of the signature grapes of south-west France, which, in Uruguay, is transformed from dark and deeply tannic into a juicy, lightly oaked, medium-bodied delight, packed with brambly vanilla flavours with a whiff of spice. Lovely with game or roast meats.


From Argentina

H J. Fabre Barrel Selection Malbec 2014

Over in Argentina, a renowned Bordeaux winemaker’s magnificent take on the other signature grape of south-west France, which the Argentines have unquestionably made their own. This has the typical and winning combination of power, rich and focused concentration and beguiling freshness that distinguishes top notch malbec. Partner with a great, rare steak for sheer joy.


From Chile

The Long Way Round Pinot Noir 2016

There is a sure-footed Kiwi winemaker here, but the sensibility is very much the kind of Pinot you might encounter in Germany rather than the raspberry rasp of a lot of New World takes on the grape. This is softly rounded, gently fruity and herbal, a really easy-drinking wine for a plate of pasta or a tomato risotto.