On August 31, The Four Seasons hotel chain's magazine stated that the "world's best beers" are found in Germany, Ireland, and the United States.

The list includes Dublin's Guinness and Munich's Paulaner, and outlines the best places to taste America's best microbrew ales such as those from The Pike Brewing Company, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Rogue Ales and the Arrogant Bastard.

Normally beer is not readily synonymous with the Four Seasons hotels and resorts brand, however Benchmark Hospitality International's "Top Beverage Trends for 2010" noted on August 27 that, "Beer dinners are growing in popularity, demonstrating the compatibility of beer with food.  Beer is also working its way into cocktails, such as with beer margaritas."

Mary Watson-DeLauder, chief sommelier for Benchmark Hospitality International, said "Some of the changes [in 2010 drinking trends] are economically driven, some taste oriented, and still others created out of necessity in response to changing palates and a new generation of consumers."

According to RateBeer.com, the go-to beer guide site for beer lovers worldwide, the world's best beers are not exactly the same as Four Seasons magazine lists. Take a look at the site's "Best Beers 2010": http://www.ratebeer.com/RateBeerBest/bestbeers_012010.asp

The majority of the top 100 beers hail from the United States as well as Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. The lone German on the list is Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock.