is an online site that as of August 4 allows customers to purchase local specialty foods from gourmet shops on the other side of the world and get them delivered to your door.

There is a catch. The products can't be selected like at other food shopping sites including Amazon, Tesco and Fresh Direct; instead after you subscribe to a free "Now Serving" email, you will then have access to special savings of 30 percent and up off "handpicked gourmet foods" and cookware like Maine lobster tails, Intelligentsia coffee and chef's knives once a week.

The founder of Maggie Nemser told the food news blog Slashfood, "Now people across the world... have access to top-tier products and artisanal foods - at a huge discount.

"You don't have to be in New York to pop into Murray's cheese or wait on line in Venice, California to grab a cup of Intelligentsia coffee. We bring it to you."

Here is how BlackboardEats works:

After you subscribe, very Wednesday a "Now Serving" email will be delivered in your inbox.

Then "you have 48 hours or less (if there are limited quantities) to click on the  ‘Get this special'  button and receive your personal BlackboardEats passcode. Check deal details for expiration dates, as they may vary. The passcode is good for one-time use and only one passcode can be applied to your entire bill or purchase," explains

Finally, go to the "featured special's website and enter your passcode in the promotion code box" to make your purchase online and get it delivered to your door "everywhere."

For more information and to sign up for free, go to:

Some other gourmet food sites like and cater to international markets delivering local specialities to faraway locations and also have sale sections.