I think it is the case that they said they are not a secret society but a society with secrets. I think is is widely accepted that one secret they should not be keeping is who their members are in the criminal justice system.

Jack Straw, on Government plans to oblige new recruits to the judiciary and the police to disclose Freemasonry membership

What fools we are to live in a generation in which war is a computer game for our children and an interesting Channel 4 news item.

Tony Benn MP

I utterly fail to understand what is going on in their heads.

Gerald Kaufman MP, on Labour MPs who do not support military action in Iraq

I like going to the pub with friends - in the jungle if you want an alcoholic drink you have to spend two weeks making it yourself.

Miguel Hilario-Manenima, member of the Amazonian Shipibo-Conibo tribe, now studying at Mansfield College, Oxford

Just like Tony Blair!

Unidentified Parliamentary heckler, in response to Robin Cook's statement that Saddam Hussein remained in power 'through force and fear'

I accept that it's new to have a black member of the Prince of Wales's Household. But I think that's where the news starts and where it ends.

Colleen Harris, the Prince of Wales's new deputy press secretary

I'd never voted in my life before, but as soon as I got out of hospital I went out and voted Labour out of spite.

Terry McKeown, who won undisclosed damages from the Conservative Party after an election placard fell from a lamp-post and broke his nose.

A healthy society needs healthy artists to enrich and feed its spiritual life.

Singer Sandie Shaw, founder of The Arts Clinic, a therapy centre for troubled artists

What a tremendous spectacle, and yes, definitely male. It has all the shapes for a man and seems to be saying, 'Look at me, I'm powerful'.

Gateshead resident Marie Seddon on Antony Gormley's sculpture

'The Angel of the North'

It's a great club, it's a massive club. It's just a little bit sickly.

Joe Royle, newly appointed manager of First Division strugglers Manchester City

We are open-minded but we are not at all convinced of the case for dropping blue. We might go for a different shade.

Tory 'party sources', on William Hague's announcement of an image makeover for the Conservative party

This House views with incredulity the the failure of the referee to award a penalty kick.

Early-day motion tabled by three Barnsley MPs after the town's football team were denied a penalty kick during their FA Cup tie at Manchester United last Sunday