I have had flashes of a female voice calling out in the back of the car ... then Dodi's name is called. It can only have been Princess Diana.

Trevor Rees-Jones on the accident that killed Diana and Dodi

They felt it would be appropriate in view of the intense public interest.

Martyn Gowar, executor, on the will being made public

In the coming months we want to see work start on schemes across the country. These might include speed limits and traffic-calming, and providing for cycling, walking and horse riding.

Gavin Strang, Transport Minister, in the wake of the Countryside March

These men who were murdered, two friends across the community divide, symbolise the future in Ulster. And those gunmen, in the evil atrocity they committed, they symbolise the past.

Tony Blair on the murder of Damien Trainor and Philip Allen

In my personal view they are putting money before the welfare of the citizens of Milton Keynes.

Steve Coventry, councillor, on the housing of convicted paedophile Robert Oliver in Blenheim House secure medical unit

The question then arises, at what level of risk should people be allowed to make their own judgement about whether they're prepared to take the risk?

Lord Perry, on the House of Lords investigation into the dangers of cannabis use

I am ashamed to think the perpetrators were Protestant. They were serving no cause.

David Trimble, Ulster Unionist leader

The work is of a high artistic standard and would certainly not "deprave or corrupt". It is unusual, yes, but not pornography.

Dr Peter Knight of the University of Central England, on the college being charged over possession of a Robert Mapplethorpe book

I think he was a kind of comedic meteor. He literally burned himself out, I think.

Frank Kelly, actor, on the death of his Father Ted co-star