If journalists would be artists, and if politicians would be artists, probably the world would be different.

Olivero Toscani, creative director, Benetton, launching its latest catalogue in Jerusalem

I'm vulgar. I'm a populist. But isn't that what the mayor should be?

Jeffrey Archer

We hid in the basement for two days and two nights while the police bombed the buildings around us. There are women and children who were burned alive in those houses. Then the police moved in and began shooting everything they could see. They even shot the cows. They shot every man over the age of 15 they could find.

Young Albanian woman, a survivor of the attack on the village of Prekaz

I insist that the best, the optimal and most viable solution and the best for the neighbouring countries - Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and the rest - would be an independent Kosovo with all guarantees for the local Serb community and Serb interests in Kosovo.

Ibrahim Rugova, Albanian leader

I was very innocent when I first went into Parliament. And Peter [Bottomley, the MP and her husband] was no help at all. He's very other-worldly. He hasn't a clue what's going on around him most of the time.

Virginia Bottomley

All popular radio is based on repetition and familiarity. It's almost that the listener knows what you're going to say before you say it. I always maintain that eventually, if you did it for long enough, you wouldn't have to say anything at all. You could sit there and pick your nose.

Terry Wogan

Not merely have we raised human rights issues in respect of China continually, we have also, as president of the EU, been getting support from other European countries in order to make the very issues that are at the heart of Mr Wei's case clear to the Chinese government. But we did not feel that this UN resolution was the right way to proceed.

Tony Blair, defending Britain's decision to withdraw its support for a UN resolution criticising China on human rights

This poor old man. They're actually taking him out of his box to slice him up.

Catherine Allegret, adopted daughter of Yves Montand, on the exhumation of his body for the sake of a paternity suit

Lethal bacteria are developing the capacity to fight the medicines we rely on to treat both humans and animals.

National Consumer Council report on intensive farming

Despite the 1990s image of the bikini-waxed Career Woman with a few venture capital portfolios tucked up each sleeve, the sexist truth is that the childless figure remains a figure of pity. Yet once you've had the baby, society hands you an eviction notice.

Kathy Lette, author of 'Mad Cows'