Whether it was going to Aintree, or more likely the Asem summit where I'll be attending, it is tremendous that it's been thwarted.

Bertie Ahern, Irish Prime Minister, on the bomb-making find near Dublin

Hamas never leaves its members unavenged.

Abdulla Aziz Al-Rantisi, top Hamas leader in Gaza, on the assassination of a leader of the military wing of the organisation

The vindication he has been waiting a long time for.

Mike McCurry, White House spokesman, on the decision to throw out charges of sexual harassment against President Clinton

The Japanese economy is on the verge of collapsing. If the economic situation continues to decline ... this will no doubt have a damaging effect on the world economy.

Norio Ohga, president of Sony

These talks show that Europe is determined to treat China as a major global force.

Tony Blair on the Asia-Europe Meeting

I stand by the clear thinking in that statement, which is that the longer single currency continues the more the economic arguments will tilt in favour of joining.

Robin Cook, Foreign Secretary, on monetary union

The present government deeply regrets this and would like to apologise to these individuals and to their relatives and descendants. A different attitude would be expected now.

Margaret Beckett, President of the Board of Trade, on Britain's Holocaust debts (apologising to Holocaust survivors and their families, whose money was wrongly kept by British banks at the end of the Second World War)

The rape of British industry by BMW is systematically going ahead. People say we live in a global village. Every village has a chief and its poor man. Is Britain heading towards becoming the poor man of the global village?

Donald Longmore, secretary of the Rolls-Royce Acquisition Consortium, on BMW's intention to buy up Rolls- Royce

I can't help but think at this time that the only suitable punishment for taking the life of my daughter should be the death penalty.

Paula Hamilton, whose second husband was jailed for life for the murder of her daughter

I felt that my work was very important and these pieces would help me in my pursuit of knowledge, pursuit of life.

Artist Anthony-Noel Kelly, found guilty of stealing body parts

This is a whole new world opening for us.

Dr Cynan Ellis-Evans of the British Antarctic Survey on the mysterious lost world more than two miles below Antarctica

She has proved her boxing talent and ability but has been denied the opportunity of earning her living in this country simply on the grounds of her sex.

Kamlesh Bahl, chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission, on boxer Jane Couch's sex discrimination claim against the sport's ruling body

Can we play with you every year?

Chelsea players after winning the Coca-Cola Cup against Middlesbrough, who they had beaten in last year's FA Cup final