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John Major never got a Nobel peace prize. James is making up for it with a Noble prize piece.

Bob Monkhouse on the engaged couple

Anyone who abandons the peace, if this agreement is embraced, anybody who returns to violence is never going to be a friend of the United States. We won't tolerate it, we won't support it, we will do everything we can to oppose it.

President Clinton on Ulster

When people say "run an ethical foreign policy", I say Sierra Leone was an example of that - not an example of not doing it.

Tony Blair on the Foreign Office's

handling of the Sierra Leone situation

If it is correct that she underwent an operation some months ago, it would appear that the items found in her body may date from that hospital visit.

Dr Gasteratos's verdict on the sudden death of a teenage British holidaymaker in Corfu

Either he is a great athlete or I have a career as a golf instructor ahead of me.

President Clinton takes Tony Blair through his first round of golf

This repays the thousands of hours of hard work that has gone in by the British legal and media teams. We look forward to seeing the girls home in Britain.

Solicitor Peter Watson, following the pardon of the British nurses granted by King Fahd

I hope Tony Blair, who clearly had a part in their release, sleeps easily in his bed at night, which is more than my dear friend will ever do again.

Sue Taylor, friend of murdered Yvonne Gilford

We are going ahead, Inshallah [God Willing]. The decision has been taken to test.

Islamabad's foreign minister, Gohar Ayub, on Pakistan's "nuclear reaction"

It is the fund's view that the proceeds of any commemorative items should go to charitable causes. This is clearly not the case with products neither approved nor licensed.

Diana Fund's acting chairman, Anthony Julius

No firm should be permitted to use its monopoly power to develop a chokehold on the [Internet] browser software.

Attorney-general, Janet Reno, on the

Microsoft monopoly accusations

The service is meant to show that Mr Sinatra was not only a great entertainer and monumental musician but also a child of God.

Good Shepherd church's musical director, Susan Mills, on the funeral of Frank Sinatra