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It was imperative we defended the system of free education. If we dump that, who's to say that we won't dump a free NHS?

Llew Smith, MP for Blaenau Gwent, one of 31 rebel labour MPs who voted against the Government's education reforms

This Brazil game is the one that has stimulated me most, although there have been others, such as playing England at Wembley during Euro '96. I still think they were lucky, by the way.

Craig Brown, Manager of Scotland

Mr Blair dislikes Parliament. He hates being held accountable to Parliament. He hates the threat to his unfettered power that the existence of an independent second chamber represents.

Tory leader in the Lords, Viscount Cranborne, on Labours plans to diminish the power of hereditary peers

I was working too much. I was always tired, and I started to lose interest in sex. Then I heard about Viagra. It's incredible.

Hollywood actor Jim Carrey

Cranks they called us. But you took the path where no one had gone; you promised them a voice and you held their terror close. Lady Linda, we cannot see you, but we can still hear you.

Writer Carla Lane at the memorial service to Linda McCartney

They hate the term "tax exile". It sounds like someone sitting by a pool in Marbella sipping a pina colada. We're a hard-working band.

Spokesman for the Rolling Stones after they cancelled their tour because of new tax regulations

I hope Milosevic is listening. This is the last warning. He should back off now.

Foreign Secretary Robin Cook on the Serbian president's aggression towards Kosovo

We simply do not know the long-term consequences for human health and the wider environment of releasing plants bred in this way.

Prince Charles warns of the dangers of genetic food

It just goes crazy. It swoops down and dive- bombs me and the only thing I can do is run.

Gloucester man Don Weston on a two-month "hate campaign" conducted by a seagull

Am I on trial here? From the time of my son's murder I have been treated not as a victim.

Stephen Lawrence's mother Doreen objects to police questioning during the inquiry into the investigation into her son's death

When a policeman puts on his uniform he should forget all his prejudices. If he cannot do that then he should not be doing the job.

Stephen Lawrence's father Neville