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My admiration for those two boys is without bounds now. How they could have got through it? It's the most amazing display of courage that I'll ever see.

Earl Spencer, speaking of Prince William and Prince Harry having walked behind their mother's coffin

I can be responsible for what I say. I can be responsible for attempts to co-ordinate government activity. I cannot, much as you might like to give me superhuman powers, be responsible for every word uttered by every person in this building.

Alastair Campbell, on allegations that he bad-mouthed members of Tony Blair's Cabinet

I ask myself every day, how can God have played such a terrible trick? And I wish that I could wake up one morning and have somebody tell me that it has just been a bad dream.

Zypora Frank, 63, a Jewish widow who discovered that land left to her formed part of Auschwitz concentration camp

Come on Tim, we want to watch the football!

Chanting soccer fans at Wimbledon, whom Tim Henman blamed for putting him off his stride

I was always focused on my football. Nothing comes in the way of my football. I just needed the chance to show what I could do. I knew it was my distance as soon as we got the free-kick. I fancied it and I knew that if I got my shot on target it was in. It was a great feeling to get my first England goal.

David Beckham, who scored for England against Colombia in Friday's World Cup match

We literally had to adjourn the court. We had smelling-salts and lace hankies. This is the Judy Garland of the 100 metres.

John McVicar, the former armed robber being sued by athlete Linford Christie over an article in the satirical magazine 'Spiked'

We've only known each other a short while but it feels as if we have been together for years. When I next see him, I want him to get down on one knee and propose to me.

Paula Wanstall, whose boyfriend Corporal Carl Bougourd was rescued after being stranded for four days 19,000ft up Mount McKinley in Alaska

I feel, almost, that I've lost the right to look at a child; that I've lost the right to tell a mother her child is beautiful or to coo at a baby; and I do feel this stigma... but that's something I will personally have to get over.

Louise Woodward, the au pair convicted of manslaughter, speaking to Martin Bashir on 'Panorama'