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From the moment I walked into Broadcasting House in 1993, I was aware of two intense pressures to suck me into a culture of extravagance.

Lord Cocks, outgoing vice-chairman of the BBC

It is as if this Government is solely about "where does Peter Mandelson go", and I am sure that is not so. Tony has to deal with everybody.

John Prescott

Congratulations, you will be a great success as Secretary of State for Trade.

Gordon Brown to Peter Mandelson

It is a bit like the funeral oratory where the corpse has the right of reply.

Lord Richard after his replacement as Leader of the Lords in the Cabinet reshuffle

Let's get the job done as quickly as possible. If I miss the century, tough.

Mike Atherton to Alec Stewart during England's Test cricket victory over South Africa

I do not believe for one moment that one should ever doubt the integrity of a minister.

Ted Graham, BT's Director of Communications defending Peter Mandelson

Of course, women are interested in Sean. But I have to tell you, the men are too.

Sean Connery's wife Micheline on the couple's decision to sell their Spanish villa in favour of more privacy

If the last 15 months have taught me anything it is that the whole cabinet - especially the Chancellor - must share common beliefs on the biggest of all reforms.

Frank Field after leaving the Government

Did you call in Ms Harman and say "Congratulations on your numerous successes, you're fired"?

William Hague to Tony Blair

Imagine how you would feel if your boss's attorney called you a liar in front of the whole country. Imagine if that boss was President of the United States.

Linda Tripp on Monica Lewinsky

Such a direction by a judge must in our view have driven the jury to conclude that they had little choice but to convict... We question whether this summing up would have been thought acceptable even by the standards of the time.

Lord Chief Justice Bingham pardoning the executed Derek Bentley