I want our supporters to be able to go to terraces across the country and be able to stick their chests out and say that Peterborough has supported the arts.

Peterborough United owner Peter Boizot, whose club is to sponsor an 'Art Treasures of Britain' exhibition at the Royal Academy.

I am not about to go bankrupt, my family isn't collapsing, and I'm not leaving my family to spend more time in politics.

Michael Dobbs MP

It's Bill Shankly - He Made People Happy.

Dedication on a bronze statue of the former Liverpool FC manager, unveiled at Anfield

It was very intimidating with all the cameras and everything. I think we just all lost our bottle.

Rachel Coleman, of New Hall, Cambridge, whose team scored the lowest- ever total - 35 - on 'University Challenge'

I wouldn't pay them in tram tickets.

Former West Indies cricketer Michael Holding on the team's second successive innings defeat against Pakistan

I want to be with my friends. I'm drunk. I want to phone my mum. She's going to be embarrassed by this conversation. I don't care. I don't give a fuck about it.

Artist Tracy Emin during Channel 4 discussion about the Turner Prize

This audience is not impressing me particularly. There simply must be some intelligent people who have come along. This is really amateurish.

American feminist Camille Paglia before walking out of a question and answer session at the South Bank

How could 57 families live there and not petition to change its name?

Would-be resident of a Denver suburb called Swastika Acres 2

The Prince did not remember me, of course, and I only remember him because we both had big ears.

Clive Harold, former schoolmate of the Prince of Wales, now a 'Big Issue' seller

We've got this far without mentioning your voice.

We've got this far without mentioning your legs.

Exchange between Sue Lawley and Loyd Grossman near the end of 'Desert Island Discs'

Through the eyes of children, Europe is a place of hope, passion, colour, music and friendship.

Tony Blair, launching the logo to mark Britain's presidency of the European Union

I'll be making them work extra hard and won't stand for any nonsense.

Footballer Vinnie Jones on what lies in store for politicians when he becomes coach to Parliament FC

Fifa no longer seem to organise tournaments with either fans or players in mind. Those who watch or play the game are the last to be consulted, such is the big business ethos which surrounds football.

Martin Rose, secretary of the Scottish Federation of Supporters' Clubs, on the travelling involved, and lack of tickets available to fans, at next year's World Cup finals