Not for one second does the question of the Prime Minister having less than total confidence in the minister arise.

Spokesman for Tony Blair on the case of the minister's son charged with supplying cannabis

This interweaving of joy and woe has been very much brought home to me and my family during the last months

The Queen

We hope and pray that time will be found for legislation to ensure that this will be the last Boxing Day when the savage and terrifying death of an animal is treated as a sport

Leading Church of England figures in letter to 'The Times'

I find distressing the tense silence of men and women without work and without shelter, infants and children injured and violated, adolescents enlisted in the wars of adults, and young victims of drugs or attracted by deceptive myths.

The Pope

Please consider our idea carefully, unlike English batsmen facing a Shane Warne flipper.

Qantas staff urging British Airways to use an image of Australian cricketer Shane Warne on the tailfins of their planes

How can the Church respond? It will certainly not be by changed structures or improved management, important though these may be, but rather in the contemplation of the awesome mystery that is Christmas.

Archbishop of York David Hope on the post-Diana challenge to the Church of England

They'll be loads of kids listening to this on Christmas Day thinking, 'He's lost it'. They'll be choking on their sprouts.

Noel Gallagher on his liking for the Bee Gees, as revealed on Radio 1

Six years ago Woody and Soon-Yi decided that one day they would come back to Venice and get married. That city is very meaningful to them. Over the past years they have weathered a lot together, and have always been very much in love.

Leslee Dart, spokesman for Woody Allen, on his marriage to Soon-Yi Previn, adopted daughter of his former lover Mia Farrow

Woody needs a psychiatrist more than an attorney.

Divorce lawyer Raoul Felder on hearing that Woody Allen had not asked his future bride to sign a pre-nuptial agreement

Viva la revolucin.

Carlos the Jackal, on being sentenced to life imprisonment for murder

The best thing I could think of was to keep my brain occupied by playing music in my head and dancing to it to keep warm. I went through all the old disco songs, show tunes, popular and current stuff, Christmas tunes and even camp songs I'd ever known.

Karen Hartley on how she survived the night stranded in freezing temperatures on a mountain in Utah