I'm sorry. I hope you were not too worried.

Matthew Boreham to his wife after he had been lost at sea for six days during a transatlantic rowing race

In my opinion I could see no point in bringing back somebody who would have served his time in a prison hospital.

Jack Slipper, retired chief superintendent, on the court ruling that will enable his long-time quarry Ronnie Biggs to live out his days in Brazil

Have we slain one dragon only to have another take its place, with a red rose in its mouth?

MP Martin Bell

He has been doing this job for 25 years now. During that time there isn't one part of his body that hasn't been injured

Roger Cook's agent on the TV investigator's decision to retire

He is a very popular character, but everyone reaches his sell-by date.

David Donaldson, MD of the 'Dandy', on dropping Desperate Dan

I think we should go ahead with it and be sued. To be sued would be the best publicity the club could get.

Delia Smith, director of Norwich City FC, on the risk of falling foul of the Sex Discrimination Act with her plans to offer cut-price admission to women

Mercy does not lessen opprobrium.

Judge Hiller Zobel

It is a pity an incident as small as this should invoke the panoply of a jury trial. On the global scale this was not a very serious incident.

Judge Jeffrey Rucker on ordering Samson Olatunbosun to pay pounds 250 compensation to a woman he sexually assaulted.

This is a typical example of the police treating incidents with the seriousness they deserve, while the judiciary treats them as petty crimes.

Sue Lees, author of 'Carnal Knowledge: Rape on Trial' on the same case

I hope to help people heal the wounds of hatred and bring happiness. Yes I forgive, but I don't forget.

Kim Phuc, Vietnamese 'napalm girl', on being appointed Unesco's goodwill ambassador

Mum may have saved my life. I could have been involved in the Munich air disaster.

Roy Sutcliffe, whose mother failed to pass on a letter inviting her then 16-year-old son to a trial for Manchester United