The success of the bid corrupted him further, leading thereafter to unjustifiable favours for cronies and self, and a dubious attitude to truth.

The Guinness report on Ernest Saunders

I have been made a convenient scapegoat for the culture that prevailed in the City at the time.

Ernest Saunders on the Guinness report

I have not mellowed. I am still behaving badly and I still intend to.

Daniel Farson shortly before his death, which was attributed to drinking too much

Do you realise that the brasses are cleaned every day- not every month or every week, but each day? Nobody could do that. I think she should be scuttled.

The Princess Royal, Princess Anne, on the fate of the Britannia

Aspiring Tory MPs could soon face questions not just about the single currency or law and order, but whether they would rather go to a party, read a book or climb a mountain. They might also be asked if they always stand in the kitchen at parties and talk to people in trains.

'Daily Telegraph' on new selection rules designed to improve the chances of women

Japanese democracy is such that people put the lid on something that stinks.

Takashi Wada, a Japanese television


It would be an insane person in this day and age who would not commit themselves to change.

Nicholas Kenyon, controller of Radio 3

His relationship with Miss Dudukovic was not 'creditable behaviour' but it had taken place in a war zone where such things happen.

David Cocks QC defending Squadron

Leader Nicholas Tucker, accused of

murdering his wife

Of course I use soundbites. The Bible is full of phrases like, 'Blessed are the meek'. But they have to come from a genuine set of beliefs. I can't bear all this touchy-feely stuff.

Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the


I have a belief that you don't have to know all your arpeggios to get into classical music.

David Mellor explaining the presence of the robust footballer Vinnie Jones on his Classic FM interview show

It is surprisingly common that when a divorce court approaches, husbands' businesses go down.

Jeremy Posnansky QC, an expert on family law and finance, on the Spencer divorce

I hope we have lots of kids together. He's a great dad.

Debbie Rowe, who is pregnant with her husband Michael Jackson's second child