However controversial his views, he was one of the great figures of 20th-century British politics, gifted with a brilliant mind. However much we disagreed with many of his views, there was no doubting the strength of his convictions or their sincerity, or his tenacity in pursuing them, regardless of his own political self-interest.

Tony Blair on Enoch Powell

There will never be anyone else so compelling as Enoch Powell. He was magnetic. Listening to his speeches was an unforgettable privilege. He was one of those rare people who made a difference and whose moral compass led us in the right direction.

Baroness Thatcher

We are dealing with a very brutal, even psychopathic regime.

Robin Cook on Iraq

There is no proof, and it is possible that some of these are accidents. But in the past, even when it was as dry, there were never as many fires as this. They have only begun after the companies came in, the companies and their politics. But we cannot prove it, so we keep silent.

Village headman, Dayak tribe, Borneo

I did like using the Victoria line. But I think there must be too many art students or something living on that line, because they were always stealing my work before it could be seen by many people.

The guerrilla Tube artist known as N, now under investigation by transport police

This director said: "You have everything wrong with your face." I never got over it.

Dame Judi Dench on how she was put off acting in films for years

A facile preoccupation with being modern - or even post-modern - can lead one to neglect the eternal truths and the abiding values which people everywhere always need, and the cumulative insights and wisdom of previous generations.

Dr George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, on the General Synod's overwhelming vote to include the modern, plain-English version of the Lord's Prayer in new service books

Bolton is not an aggressive town and I don't like the idea of it being known for a military operation, however necessary it might be.

Phyllis Hamer of Bolton, on "Operation Bolton" being used as the new Gulf War code name

Once you succumb to Tony's charm, you never really get over it.

Cherie Booth on Tony Blair

I believe in my heart 99.9 per cent that it was not an accident. That car didn't accidentally crash. There was a conspiracy ... I believe there were people who did not want Dodi and Diana to be together.

Mohamed Al-Fayed

Once a theatre is gone, no matter how large or small, it is another brick removed from the foundations of our culture.

Susannah York, speaking against possible closure of the Waterside Theatre, Stratford-on-Avon

I'm amazed how many people there are out there trying to pick my eyes out.

Clare Short