Despite the huge constitutional differences between a hereditary monarchy and an elected government, in reality the gulf is not so wide. They are complementary institutions ... and each, in its different way, exists only with the support and consent of the people.

The Queen

I am, naturally, rather biased, but I think our children have all done rather well under very demanding circumstances.

The Duke of Edinburgh

If you look at the history of the women who left the Royal Family, they all had their heads cut off. Maybe they're going to do it to me another way - make me bankrupt, broke and miserable.

The Duchess of York

The opera house has always been elitist. The ballet is less so but it's still a bit niche. We want to interact more with consumers.

Belinda Ferneaux-Harris, of Midland Bank, on its change of sponsorship policy.

There was too much fettucine and penne and not enough steak and kidney pie and stew. There are so many women in the place, the menu had got like a Kensington wine bar. They think that three lettuce leaves and a spoonful of tuna is a good lunch. We don't.

Joe Ashton MP on the Commons Catering Committee's plans for more traditional fare in the House

I am better at politics than I am at anything else.

Michael Portillo

Kids tell us that everything we are doing to diversify away from pink and glamour is right-on.

Spokesman for toy manufacturer Mattel on Barbie's change of image

The more I try to recall Winnie's contribution to debate in the ANC, the more I draw a blank.

Steve Tshwete, South African

Minister for Sport, on Mrs Mandela

Some cynical people have said to me that this was all about increasing circulation, but it was only ever suipposed to be a bit of fun.

Dave Donaldson, managing editor of the 'Dandy', on the reprieve given to Desperate Dan

It was terrible. It is a thinly disguised version of 'A Hard Day's Night', but this one simply had a worse script and more bras.

Spanish journalist on the Spice Girls' movie, after a preview from which British journalists were barred