Bejart Ballet Lausanne has been sporting Versace since 1983, and last night their tenth new ballet, choreographed by Maurice Bejart and dressed by the couturier, opened in Paris.

But far from being inspired to extravagant creation on this one, the designer apparently drew a bit of a blank. "As the boys and girls danced in their rehearsal gear, it got more and more difficult to find an idea," he said. "This ballet brings out such deep emotions, that any extra decoration seemed superfluous."

So what did he come up with? Leotards. Or rather, as his PR prefers: "Mr Versace decided to create the simplest of costumes, similar to those used in rehearsal." Hence the Freddie Mercury zip-up number above, just one of a number on a stretch-Lycra theme which can hardly have stretched Gianni's imagination. But poor Gianni, is it any wonder he was stumped? The score juxtaposes Mozart symphonies with songs by Queen - a selection that includes "The Millionaire Waltz," and "The Great Pretender." A triumph of style over content.

Jenny Gilbert

Bejart Ballet Lausanne is at the Theatre National de Chaillot, Paris, until 26 Jan, and from 7 to 15 Feb.