Take me to your conductor. Film theme tune compilations are flying off the shelves at the moment, but following the success of Space and Beyond, Alien Invasion: Space and Beyond II promises to take the sci- fi end of the market into orbit and beyond. Featuring the themes from Mars Attacks, Independence Day, The Empire Strikes Back and loads more, Space and Beyond II even finds time for the grand-daddy of them all, Gustav Holst's Mars from his Planets suite.

In conjunction with Silva Screen Records, The Independent is offering 20 of its readers the chance to win a copy of Alien Invasion: Space and Beyond II - including a Space and Beyond mouse mat - if you can answer this question: Who directed the recent sci-fi shoot 'em up Starship Troopers? Answers please on a postcard with home address to Amber Ross, 3 Prowse Place, London NW1