It's summer, you're packing and you've read the list that tells you to take something like five pairs of knickers for every day you're away and a sarong that transforms into a dress/bikini/skirt/scarf/mobile home (does anyone manage to do this?). But then you get to your "bits and pieces" and you get stuck. Do you risk losing your Cartier diamonds in Pedro's chest hair? Will you be able to walk across the sand in your Manolos without looking like you're dancing to reggae? The answer is to leave your usual stuff at home and stock up on cheery and (relatively) cheap alternatives. New company Loud and Clear produces a catalogue of inspiration (plastic rings, pounds 4.95). There's nothing sentimental about plastic, so if you lose it, who cares? Being on holiday is the time to rediscover the joy of Christmas cracker baubles - perspex rings, fake fur hair bobbles, junky bracelets. Style? Relax and have nothing to do with it. Well, not for two weeks at least.

Top (clockwise from top left): gilt coloured pasta shapes key- ring, pounds 13.75, Johnny Loves Rosie, Selfridges, Oxford Street, London W1 (tel: 0171 435 0089 for stockists). Optical ring, pounds 5, and heart bracelet, pounds 5, Tom Binns for Miss Selfridge branches. Lips key ring, pounds 1.50, Miss Selfridge as before. Sun key ring, pounds 9.50, Johnny Loves Rosie, from Selfridges as before. Rainbow perspex ring, pounds 1.50, Miss Selfridge as before.

Above: rose hair-slide, from a selection starting at pounds 13.95, Johnny Loves Rosie, Fenwick, 63 New Bond Street, London W1; Harrods, Knightsbridge, SW1 and Selfridges, Oxford Street, W1. Glass chains, pounds 9.95, Johnny Loves Rosie, from Way In at Harrods, SW1. Fake tortoiseshell sunglasses, pounds 60, Fabris Lane from Fenwick W1 and branches. Denim water bottle holder, pounds 14.95, Johnny Loves Rosie from American Retro, 135 Old Compton Street, London W1.

Left: hair-slide, as before. Spotted rain bonnet, pounds 12.95, Loud and Clear (mail order 0171 436 2933). Flip-flops, pounds 7, Miss Selfridge branches. Printed washable nail files, pounds 2.50, Johnny Loves Rosie from Bliss Chemist, 33 Sloane Square, London SW3, 5/6 Marble Arch, London W1.

Below: fake fur hair bobbles, pounds 3, Miss Selfridge as before. Metal hair sticks and beaded hair sticks, from pounds 6.95, Johnny Loves Rosie as before.