Our technology experts, Martin Skegg and Michael Oliveira-Salac, choose their favourite products from this year's crop
Gadget guide

Mobile videophone One of the most exciting products to be shown this year. Orange Mobile Videophone (above). Price N/A. For further information, visit www.orange.co.uk. Michael Oliveira-Salac

Plasma TV The picture is fantastically sharp and the screen is almost impossibly thin, at just 10cm. The Philips (right) comes with a 13-speaker Dolby ProLogic system, just the thing for home-cinema junkies, albeit rich ones for the time being. Philips 42PW9982C Flat TV. pounds 12,500. For stockists, call Philips on 0181-665 6350. Martin Skegg

Food steamer Now PC home-lovers can replace the microwave with the healthiest gadget on the market - a food steamer that can be built into the wall for minimum clutter. It cooks food as fast as a microwave, but is a much better way of cooking. Imperial GL3666 Food Steamer (above). pounds 199. From Fulham Kitchens on 0171-736 6458. MOS

Ironing board The new Airboard 2000 (above), almost unbelievably, turns ironing into a dream. Plug it in, and the iron draws in steam from the garment as you iron, in effect doing the underside too, and letting you finish the job in a fraction of the time. pounds 100. For stockists, call 0181-787 3111. MOS

Sports watch The Nike Triax range looks and feels different to the usual bulky offerings. It's designed as an all-sports watch but with a slim, subtle egg shape. Nike Triax (above). pounds 95. For stockists, call Nike on 0800 056 1640. MOS

Digital radio As digital TV made its big splash, digital radio quietly began to modernise the airwaves. Some car units, such as Pioneer's P945R Headunit, display extra information, like results and weather, on an LED screen. Arcam launched the first digital tuner for the home - superb sound without the hiss of FM. Arcam Alpha 10 Digital Radio Tuner (above). pounds 800. For stockists, contact Arcam on 01223 203203. MOS

Laptop computer The design of the iMac was big news, but laptops also started to look cool - Sony released the Vaio (below) and Sharp the stunning chrome PC-A100 Ultralite. Though both are powerful, the emphasis is in the styling and portability. Sony Vaio. From pounds 1400. For stockists, call Sony on 0990 111 999. MS

Stereo Inventive in looks as well as use, Ashdown Design launched a portable guitar amplifier, speaker and headphone unit for DJs that's made out of the cigarette packet of your choice - not only do they look funky but they're cheap too. Smokey Ear Piece/Amp (below). pounds 24.50. By mail order from Ashdown Design on 01245 477010. MOS