A look at the most viewed sites on website discovery service StumbleUpon, recorded on May 13.

1. i can read picture on VisualizeUs
A quote that asks people to "not hate because someone broke your heart," "forget things that aren’t worth remembering" and to "look back with no regrets."

2. I Raff I Ruse
An infographic that suggests that 50 percent of the contents of your brain on the day before finals is "derp" while the other 50 percent is "herp."

3. 10 Facts About Worms

Earthworms can consume around half to one times their body weight every day, are hermaphrodites, and are able to regenerate parts of their bodies according to these ten earthworm facts.

4. The Aleph

A video of an infinite drawing about the aleph - "a point that condenses space and time," by Brazilian novelist Paul Coelho.  

5. 500px / Photo &Vikki________& by Samedov

A photograph of a young woman dressed in nothing but a t-shirt, sneakers and thick black-rimmed glasses.