3D console gaming dated for June 10

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PlayStation 3 consoles in Japan are to recieve an update on June 10 that readies the machines for 3D video gaming.

After the update, PlayStation 3 consoles will be able to send 3D images to televisions capable of displaying them.

Sony is also promoting its new range of 3D-enabled Bravia TVs by giving away three 3D PlayStation 3 games to purchasers of the TV sets: Super Stardust HD, Wipeout HD, and Pain. All three are already available for play on standard 2D sets.

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is also getting the 3D treatment, although initially as a demo exclusive to the Bravia campaign.

As of yet there is no set date for a European and North American launch of the update, though the Electronic Entertainment Expo, June 15-17, represents a prime opportunity for Sony to launch 3D gaming worldwide.

Microsoft, makers of the Xbox 360, while not ruling out the use of 3D, is believed to be waiting for 3D TV to become widely adopted before pushing it as a gaming medium. That said, the company has made an agreement with South Korean company LG regarding a mutually beneficial bundling of Xbox 360s and 3D TVs.

In the meantime, Microsoft is oncentrating on a new motion-controlled accessory, codenamed Natal, also due for a big presentation at E3.

Nintendo has been working on a successor to the handheld DS console with 3D capabilities built in, and high-end PCs are already capable of displaying moving 3D images when fitted with the right sort of graphics card, monitor, and 3D glasses.