3DTV and motion control move front and center in flagship PS3 titles

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With 3DTV becoming more widely available and Sony having an interest in both the manufacture of audiovisual equipment and games consoles, news surrounding upcoming PlayStation 3 titles is starting to trickle out ahead of the company's keynote press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

Killzone 3 was officially revealed on Monday May 24 - a week earlier than anticipated - and it is now known that the next game in the off-world shooter series will feature support both for 3D televisions and the PlayStation 3's upcoming motion control scheme, PlayStation Move.

UK trade magazine MCV has also been reporting on the latest rumors about the long-awaited driving game, Gran Turismo 5.

Having been in development for an estimated six year period, part of the reason behind GT5's ongoing delays was thought to be the drive from Sony to integrate support for both 3D and the PlayStation Move controller.

In April, GT5's studio boss Kazunori Yamauchi was quoted by PlayStation 3 Magazine as saying "if there are display devices or peripherals that seem interesting, we'll work to support them". MCV are now reporting this as a confirmed fact.

All this points towards a huge push for 3D technology at the Electronic Entertaintment Expo in June from Sony, seeking to persuade the assembled masses  that 3D is not only the next big thing but an immediate purchasing choice.

While Sony are appealing to technology lovers, Microsoft are preparing to make a bid for a more mainstream audience with the Natal motion tracking camera for Xbox 360. Natal does away with handheld controllers altogether and can also respond to voice commands.

Nintendo, meanwhile, have been working on a successor to the portable DS console with at least one 3D screen. Hands-on demonstrations of all three are expected at June's E3 conference, in advance of their retail releases later in the year.