Google has taken the wraps off an experimental visualization tool called Search Globe that maps search queries on a 3D globe of the earth.

The cool-looking interactive tool provides a graphic look at Google's search query volume by language for the period of one day.

Searches have been color coded to show the most popularly used language for any given location.

"You'll see a bright landscape of queries across Europe, and parts of Asia for instance, but unfortunately we see many fewer searches from parts of the world lacking Internet access - and often electricity as well - like Africa," notes Google.

Search Globe was developed and designed by Google's Data Arts Team using WebGL - a technology found on modern browsers that "uses your computer's hardware to generate fast, 3D graphics."

Google Body, a website that can be used to navigate the human body in 3D, is another popular use of WebGL technology.

To explore Search Globe you will need a WebGL-enabled browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.