European gaming website Eurogamer have crowned Brink as their Eurogamer Expo 2010 Game of the Show, following an exit poll returned by attendees of the October 1-3 event.

Not due out until spring of 2011, Brink was in such high demand that some of the Expo's 20,000 visitors queued for over two hours in order to have a quick go.

Set aboard a floating city where two sides battle for scarce resources, the game crosses the smooth athletic style of parkour with the gun-toting action of a first-person shooter.

Interest had started to build long before after Splash Damage studio boss Paul Wedgewood gave a series of keynote talks at London's 2009 Eurogamer Expo.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood also proved popular, with several banks of machines giving punters a taste of the game's intriguing cat-and-mouse multiplayer.

Third-placed Killzone 3 was tucked away in an age-restricted area, where players and onlookers could see how the game looked on 3D TVs, and try out one of the sci-fi shooter's snowy levels.

The fights and frights of Gears of War 3 and Dead Space 2 impressed, while the altogether more family-friendly LittleBigPlanet 2 was a crowd favorite chock full of creativity and invention.

The visceral and vulgar Bulletstorm generated a buzz, the long-awaited racing game Gran Turismo 5 took 9th, and Fallout: New Vegas' only problem seemed to be that it was a little too engrossing with so many other titles demanding attention.

Top Ten Games - Eurogamer Expo 2010
1) Brink - release date: March-May 2011
2) Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - November 19, 2010
3) Killzone 3 - February 2011
4) Gears of War 3 - September-November 2011
5) Dead Space 2 - January 28, 2011
6) LittleBigPlanet 2 - January 2011
7) Fable III - October 29, 2010
8) Bulletstorm - February 22, 2011
9) Gran Turismo 5 - November 3, 2010
10) Fallout: New Vegas - October 22, 2010