Almost 40 percent of computer users curse at their PC when they get angry

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What do you do when you get frustrated with your computer? Do you yell and scream then throw it on the ground or do you give it a gentle stroke and lovingly ask it to do its job the way you want it to?

According to a new study by antivirus software company Avira, 39 percent of computer users don't hold back when they get frustrated with their machines, they curse and yell out loud at it.

A further nine percent have actually hit their computer with another object such as a fist or a baseball bat in the past, said Avira in their study released on February 8.

Three percent say they have thrown their computer on the ground or smashed it against another piece of furniture in an act of rage.

More benign users say they simply wished with their whole hearts that a catastrophic event would strike down the company that created the operating system software or computer when things don't go their way.

While most computer users admitted to taking out their anger on their PC at some stage or another, 38 percent of users said they would never, ever yell at their computer, adding that their machine "is too sensitive."

In times of trouble these users try to encourage their PC to work again in a friendly manner, hoping their kind words will fix the problem.

Avira's survey was conducted in December 2010 and used a sample size of more than 14,280 people located around the globe.