Shoppers can personalize these figurines (above) produced by Mixee labs - one of the many custom objects on sale

Retailing giant Amazon has launched a new storefront for 3D-printed goods and accessories, giving customers the chance to customize the items from plastic wallets to bobblehead figurines.

Amazon says this is a natural continuation of their quest to offer the widest range of products imaginable, with the official press release describing it as “the beginning of a shift in online retail – that manufacturing can be more nimble to provide and immersive customer experience.”

However, critics have pointed out that this "3D printed products store" doesn’t really take advantage of the technology’s full possibilities, offering only limited customization when compared with website like Shapeways that let customers upload their own designs to be printed and sent to them.

Customizable objects available from Amazon include miniature swords (“Whether it’s a rapier, dagger, falchion, claymore, or just something to go on your desk, ye olde personalization smithy has got you covered”), molecular earrings (you can choose from the likes of caffein, dopamine and theobromine) or wax seals with initials of your choice (3D printed in metal thankfully).

Thankfully, for 3D printing enthusiasts who want a little more from the technology there’s also a wide range of 3D printers on sale, ranging in price from basic $300 models that can print small objects at low resolutions to semi-professional rigs costing thousands.