App developers now have the option to run full-screen ads or pre-roll videos of up to a minute long in games and apps

Apple’s iAd platform offers guidelines (and restrictions) on how adverts appear in apps, and now the iPhone-maker has announced a new option for developers: full-screen ads.

In fact, not just full-screen ads but pre-roll videos too – with both new options spotted in a developer document by AppleInsider.

Most iOS users will be used to seeing banner ads occupying either the top or bottom of their free-to-download app, but this will be the first time that developers can choose to be as intrusive as to take over the entire screen.

In addition to this, pre-roll video ads give them the option of making users watch a 15, 30, or 60-second video before they continue with their game.

Although this looks like a recipe to annoy customers, these intrusive ads could eventually benefit consumers by replacing in-game or in-app banner ads that are tapped on by accident. They might also encourage more people to splash out for premium, add-free aps (though whether that’s a good thing or not depends on how stingy you are with your phone).

And, of course, with Apple suspected of releasing two new iPhones both with bigger screens next month, why wouldn’t they take advantage of all that extra real estate?