We might get a peek at the wearable next month but it won't ship for months

Just when we were getting excited about Apple’s smartwatch, someone goes and spoils the party. Well, a new report suggests that while the iWatch is set to be unveiled on September 9, it won’t be available to consumers until 2015.

Sources “in position to know” told tech site Re/code: “It’s not shipping anytime soon.” This makes sense given how few leaks there have been of the unseen wearable device (compared to the torrent of iPhone 6 parts and cases). If it’s not being leaked then chances are it’s not being made.

Such a long gap between unveiling and selling isn’t unusual (it took six months for the first iPhone to go on sale after it was first shown on stage by Steve Jobs), but it means that anyone hoping to kit themselves out with an iWatch and iPhone for Christmas is going to be disappointed.

The Verge points out however that this delay “holds true to the strategy Apple use when announce its biggest products” - as well as the iPhone delay there was a three-month wait for the iPad.

For such a potentially disruptive (and potentially disastrous) product it makes sense to let whatever features are unveiled next month sink in. Still, if no-one likes it, a couple of months' wait aren't really going to change that.