Those that signed up and didn’t turn off auto-renewals will begin getting charged from the beginning of next month — and you might want to change some settings, even if you're sticking around

Apple Music free trials are coming to an end, meaning that people will be automatically moved into the paid tier if they haven’t told it otherwise.

The free trial began at the end of June and ran for three months, until September 30. Straight after that, it automatically converts to being a paid for account unless auto-renewals are turned off.

Subscriptions cost £9.99 per month in the UK — or the same in dollars, and a roughly similar amount around the world — or £14.99 for a family plan that will let up to six people stay on the same account.

To do that, you just head to the Music app on your phone and select the little silhouette in the top left hand corner. Chose “View Apple ID”, then select “Manage” in the Subscriptions section — there, you can turn off auto-renewals on any subscription, including Apple Music.

If you do end up cancelling, make a note of everything that you've added to your library — when you stop sub

How is Apple Music different?

Even if you’re planning to stay on Apple Music, it might be worth reviewing your subscription.

If you’re happy to have loved ones or friends put together on Apple’s Family Sharing tool, then you can all share one subscription — and that’s cheaper even if only two of you are going to end up with Apple Music subscriptions.

Family Sharing allows different people to link up their accounts and easily share purchases and subscriptions form the iTunes Store. It also lets adults keep tabs on what their children are buying, allowing them to approve or reject purchases to stop kids spending money on their parent’s devices.

It is set up by heading to the iCloud settings on your device and selecting the Family Sharing option, where the organiser can add his or her family and input ages for any children.