Black Friday: UK Apple store sale offers cash discount instead of US gift cards

Apple spurn 'Cyber Monday' for Black Friday online deals

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If you were saddened by the news that UK retailers are attempting to emulate America’s annual shopping frenzy, aka ‘Black Friday’, then take heart: we’re getting better deals than the US and we don’t even have to leave the house.

Admittedly, this news only applies to Apple’s range of shiny playthings, but the savings – available from Apple’s online store - aren’t to be sniffed at.

The iPad Air has been cut from £399 to £368, whilst the iPad mini (without Retina screen unfortunately) has come down from £249 to £234 and the larger-screened iPad 2 from £329 to £304.

Computers have also come down in price, with the MacBook Air and iMac both saving £81 to £768 and £1,068 respectively, whilst the MacBook Pro with Retina starts at £1,018 (from £1,099)and the regular Pro is £918 down from £999.

This looks pretty good in comparison to the US, where shoppers are tempted with gift cards, but accounting for unfavourable exchange rates, the deals come out about equal.

There’s a whole other range of items on sale (including iPods and a bunch of non-Apple accessories and products from the online store) though Apple are warning that the discounted prices are available for “today only”.

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