'Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam' priced in new trailer

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There's a new trailer out, confirming price details for the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 expansion pack Vietnam. Still aiming for a "Winter 2010" release window, it will go for an advertised 1,200 Microsoft Points (~$15/€14) on Xbox 360 or $14.99 (estimated €12) on PlayStation 3 and PC.

The video shows off action in the Phu Bai Valley, featuring helicopters, tanks, infantry, a multitude of explosions, and a soundtrack filled with Hendrix chords.

The "Winter 2010" date indicates a December launch, meaning that it avoids direct competition with similar games due beforehand - October's Medal of Honor and November's Call of Duty: Black Ops among them.

Like other Battlefield titles, Bad Company 2's multiplayer focus was on the combination of infantry and vehicular combat. In the Vietnam expansion, period weaponry and transports will be used, along with
Bad Company 2's hallmark destructible buildings.

Also included in the Vietnam pack are ten new in-game achievements to be unlocked, three other maps, voiceovers based on Vietnam war communications, and a '60s soundtrack.

Not included are cameos from The A-Team's four-man crack commando unit, John Rambo, Marlon Brando's Colonel Kurtz, or De Niro's crack rifleman from The Deer Hunter.

The full trailer can be found on the Battlefield series' YouTube account, Youtube.com/Battlefield.