Bieber crashes wedding, gets mixed reaction: viral video spotlight

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Pop star Justin Bieber made an unexpected appearance at a wedding in the United States on Saturday, July 17; footage of the event has since gone viral on YouTube, having been viewed over 100,000 times in two days, but some viewers have responded negatively.

According to the statement below the video " Justin Bieber crashes my cousin's wedding in Malibu, CA," the Canadian teenager was driving past the wedding when, hearing one of his songs playing, he decided to join the party with Selena Gomez in tow.

Since being uploaded to YouTube on July 17 the video has been viewed over 100,000 times and is second on YouTube's "most watched today" chart . The event has also received coverage in media outlets including The Daily Mail and the blog of the Los Angeles Times.

Though the footage has gone viral, some YouTube users have responded negatively to the video: nearly half of all viewers "dislike" the footage and many have commented on their unwillingness to have Justin Bieber at their wedding and what they would do should this hypothetical situation arise.

The video can be watched at: