A bird that accidentally landed on a car's windshield wipers and was then taken for a ride has ended up a YouTube celebrity after a video of the event went viral.

This animal video with a difference shows the bird landing on a stationary car's windshield wipers in the middle of a rainstorm. Unfortunately, the wipers are still on and the bird gets taken for an unexpected ride. The experience doesn't seem to unsettle the bird too much as it remains seated on its newfound perch.

The video, titled wii bird after the movement-based games console, was uploaded July 29 by YouTube user marckd; by August 1 it had been viewed 269,371 times, received 2,829 likes, and made its way to tenth on YouTube's "most watched today" chart.  

The video was featured on several other sites, including bestofyoutube.com and thedailywh.at.

Despite the video being generally well received, some YouTube users have suggested it is staged and the bird involved is stuffed or a toy.

The full video is available to watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3Hl4V9uDPU