'Black Ops' Rezurrection trailer shows how to kill a zombie

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Scientists at the Call of Duty Zombie Labs are devoted to helping people kill zombies "in the most inventive and effective ways."

Zombies are stuffed into space suits and dispatched in a number of ways, including by means of a 1950s-style Wave Gun.

The Zombie Authority trailer promotes the latest pack of multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Where previous packs of five included one map for Zombie mode, in which players team up against hordes of shuffling undead, Rezurrection is all about the infected mob.

Four of the maps are updates to previous Zombie mode classics, and were included with Black Ops' Hardened and Prestige special editions.

As a result, owners of the Hardened and Prestige editions will receive the one brand new map, Moon, for free.

Other Black Ops acolytes will be asked for 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15/€14/£10) come Rezurrecetion's debut on Xbox 360 on August 23, with PC and PS3 versions to follow.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 then debuts on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 on November 8, while competitor Battlefield 3 is introduced come October 25.

Watch the Zombie Authority trailer at youtu.be/2k8V7fF7v7s.