BlackBerry OS 6.0 screenshots and details leaked

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Technology blog Boy Genius Report got their hands on images of RIM's much-awaited BlackBerry 6.0 operating software and have posted them on the web for all to see.

According to Boy Genius Report, RIM has been working hard to redesign (and beautify) its brand new OS, adding new features and a redesigned media player.

RIM has created a new browser that lets users create and switch between multiple tabs.

The new media player lets users browse through album artwork with finger gestures and incorporates touch-to-play features.

Additional enhancements include system-wide multitouch support, kinetic scrolling, and pinch to zoom. Tap-and-hold gestures also provide support for modal pop-ups, providing more efficient navigation.

The on board email program has been updated with a cleaner, more modern user interface and built-in RSS feeds.

Consumers can now customize their homescreen with "pages." Each page can contain user-selected applications. Navigation between pages is done by sliding your finger across the screen to the left or right.

Boy Genius Report believes that the new OS will be available sometime around June or July this year and expects the company to make an official announcement unveiling the 6.0 OS during BlackBerry's WES symposium which will run from April 27 to 29 in Orlando, Florida, USA.