Blogger award nominees announced

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The 2011 Weblog Awards, or Bloggies, has announced the nominees selected for the best blogs on the web. The winners will be revealed on February 27.

Voting for the 11th annual Bloggies is open to those who nominated candidates for consideration in January. This award is not to be confused with the Webbies, which honor the best websites and will be announced April 12.

Nominees cover a range of categories, with topics including Entertainment, Travel, Sports, Music, Tech, Politics, Photography, Art/Crafts, Food, and Fashion.

Awards are also given for blogs that are the most humorous, best designed and best written.

Also, winners will be selected for the best blogs in Australia/New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Canada.

Best Entertainment candidates for 2011 are primarily film blogs: /Film, Kid In the Front Row, io9, Best for Film and Reel Life for Jane.

The Best Travel blogs include Everything Everywhere, Hole in the Donut, The Vacation Gals, and My Itchy Travel Feet.

Best Music blogs nominees are Pitchfork, Music Road, Your Band, The Recommender and Rock It Out!.

Best Kept Secret Blogs include Twitching Blobs and Band Back Together.

In an effort to stay current with trends, categories are removed and others introduced; this year, the Bloggies eliminated Best Teen Weblog and added Best Science and Best Parenting Weblog.

A Lifetime Achievement will also be given for bloggers posting since 2006.

The winning blogs will be announced in a roll-out February 27 from 8-10:30 pm EST on the Bloggies' Twitter feed: and Facebook page:

One winner will be announced approximately every five minutes, culminating with the Weblog of the Year at 10:30. Winners will then be posted on the website.

Find and vote for finalists at: