BP oil spill tops online searches for the Year in Review 2010

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Google revealed its Zeitgeist report for 2010, Facebook unveiled its Top Status Trends, Twitter listed the most popular tweets of the year, and Yahoo, the world's second largest search engine, released its Year in Review for 2010, based on search volume and growth.

With billions of searches performed this past year, Yahoo announced top items that were similar to those on other search engines and the social networking websites, reflecting the top influences that captivated the world, including the BP oil spill at the top of its list and the World Cup in second.

Like Google's lists, Yahoo's are compiled based on categories. In the news, Haiti was the most-searched Yahoo item, followed by the Turkish sports club Besiktas and Chile's earthquake. The iPad was the winner in the consumer electronics category, followed by the iPhone 4.

Hot entertainers included Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and the ubiquitous Justin Bieber, with searching for the lyrics to his "Baby" searched more than any other song.

Mobile searches included the National Football League (NFL) on top, Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, the Winter Olympics, and Justin Bieber.

Other information includes top questions asked on Yahoo, such as "how to tie a tie" at the top, beating out "how to kiss."

In the Top Obsessions category, the entertainment world mesmerized users with searches for Lindsay Lohan, the TV hit show Glee and the film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The bedbug scare and Facebook also made the list.


Facebook's Top Status Trends were compiled by analyzing updates across 236 countries:

Twitter Trends in 2010 took 25 billion tweets sent this year and listed the top 10 trending topics in eight categories: news events, people, movies, television, technology, World Cup, sports and hashtags: http://yearinreview.twitter.com/trends/

Google's detailed rundown of the top searches ranging from entertainers to electronics is listed at 2010 Zeitgeist: http://google.com/zeitgeist2010

An entertaining video takes viewers through key moments and big events of 2010 via Google searches, accompanied by "GoodLife" by OneRepublic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0QXB5pw2qE