Bungie birthday means flaming 'Halo' helmets

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Video game developer Bungie is offering flaming helmets to players of Halo: Reach, and promising news to come on its secretive Bungie: Aerospace project, all as part of its 20th anniversary celerbations.

The blue helmet had been the exclusive privilege of Bungie staff or folk that used the free Bungie Mobile app, but it can now be obtained by registering on the Bungie.net website.

Though Bungie was actually formed in May 1991, the studio's annual community Bungie Day falls on July 7 and is the focus of official celebrations.

That's when the helmet giveaway ends, on a date likely to coincide with the Bungie: Aerospace announcement, and definitely coinciding with a community challenge that will net premium meat steaks for any player team that beats Bungie staffers by 20 or more kills.

Halo: Combat Evolved will be re-mastered and re-released for Xbox 360 on November 15, the game's 10-year anniversary.

Halo 4 is scheduled for late 2012, though Bungie itself said goodbye to the Microsoft series with Reach, having signed a partnership deal with Activision Blizzard.

The 20th anniversary annoucement, including flaming helmets, Aerospace teases, and stars of the long-running Red vs. Blue web series can be seen at youtu.be/ruQo_b1Ix5c.