Foray into dating became 'social experiment" for user living in Ramallah

Even Tinder (that well known cultural and political barometer) has been abuzz with the Israel-Gaza debate in recent days it seems, with a group of young Americans working as teachers in Palestine having set up 'Palestinder', a Tumblr charting conversations about it on the dating app.

Screengrabs posted of Tinder threads generally see the blog's creators informing people that they live in Ramallah, Palestine's de facto administrative capital, with responses ranging from "there is no such place as Palestine" to "that's where the terrorists live".

Co-founder Caitlin Ken told IBTimes UK that she came up with the idea for the blog while "checking out the Tinder scene here in Ramallah," one night, when she was "shocked to receive some overtly racist responses from Israeli matches once they found out that we were teaching Palestinian kids in Ramallah for the summer".

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Online dating quickly turned into a "social experiment", with Kent inviting colleagues and friends to get involved.

"We think that it is an interesting, honest and disturbing (and sometimes funny) reflection of the pervasiveness of racist sentiments within Israel," Kent added of the blog. "We think that it is an especially interesting social commentary because of the current massacre going on in Gaza."

The Palestinian death toll in Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip rose above 500 on Monday, as the army said it killed 10 militants who tunnelled into Israel, while Gazan officials said an Israeli tank shelled a hospital, killing civilians.