Buy a Startmonkey200 and get a free Powermonkey Classic worth £29.95

The world's smallest jump-start system for car batteries - only £149.99 including p&p
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Startmonkey200 is the world’s smallest jump-start system for 12v car batteries. Use it to restart standard 12v car batteries between 15 and 20 times.

Using a high energy dynamic polymer battery, the Startmonkey200 has two output channels: 12volt, 120Amp car jump start and 12volt 100 watt max, 8Amp DC output.

The DC output socket charges portable 5v gadgets via a Motormonkey (not included).

Includes an in-car charger socket that can be used with your 12volt in-car chargers to operate your laptop, GPS, etc.

Receive a FREE PURPLE Powermonkey classic portable charger worth £29.95, when you purchase a Startmonkey200

Powermonkey classic

  • A compact, lightweight portable charger for mobiles, BlackBerrys, iPhones, iPods, PDAs and more.
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Universal mains charger included
  • Holds charge without leakage for up to six months
  • 10 times more powerful than a conventional battery

Call 01420 542 980 or visit and quote the code INDSTPM to redeem your free offer.