Call of Duty Ghosts DLC: Snoop Dogg voices multiplayer - 'cap 'em and shank 'em'

Rap legend says 'nine out of ten rappers' play Call of Duty

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The popularity of video games with rappers has reached a new peak with the news that Snoop Dogg will be voicing multiplayer announcements in an update to Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The latest entry in the phenomenally successfully Call of Duty series will be getting a selection of new Personalization Packs on 22 April in an attempt to wring more cash from its customers.

EA will offer gamers a range of custom paintjobs for their in-game weapons including ‘Molten’, ‘Eyeballs’, and the weed-themed ‘Blunt Force’, but it’s the Snoop Dogg voice pack that is likely to get the most attention.

“Ballistic vest ready. Those are some fine ass threads,” says Snoop if you pick up some extra body armour. Or, if you add another AI player to your team: “Squad member active – a brother from another mother.”

In a video posted on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel Snoop said the voice acting was a natural fit for him as he wanted to connected with a game “that’s so hip, that’s so hood”.

He also mentioned that nine out of ten rappers he knew played the game, although unfortunately it seems he didn’t completely freestyle his lines. The writers supplied him with the basics while he was allowed – in his own words – “to put a little Snoopism on top of it.”

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