'Call of Duty' serves up fresh map pack taster

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Black Ops' May 3 map pack has had its main ingredients bundled up in the "Taste of Escalation" trailer.

The clip contains new glimpses of the five maps - four are competitive multiplayer maps, with one preserved for the cooperative firefight of Zombies mode.

While the rest of the game is set during the Cold War era, players in Zombies mode can choose between characters based on screen stars Danny Trejo ( Machete), Sarah Michelle Gellar ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Robert Englund ( Nightmare on Elm Street), and Michael Rooker ( The Walking Dead).

Motifs from the game's original TV spot return for "Taste of Escalation," which is now set in a café diner. The gun-toting diner chef now wields dual doggie bags, while a burly businessman has swapped his sniper rifle for a bottle of ketchup.

Thanks to an exclusivity agreement, Escalation will arrive in downloadable form on Xbox 360 first, with a PC version to follow.

The "Taste of Escalation" trailer can be found on the YouTube channel CallOfDuty, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuYWRts7Qs4, or at CallofDuty.com/media.